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Chelsey-Marchand-Wainwright, AB Artist
A Recent Painting Inspired by a photo I loved by
J. Anderson.

I will forever love fence posts…   has to come from growing up in the country. I am so thankful there are talented photographers who allow me to attempt recreating some of their masterpieces!
It’s true, your 30’s are a weird freeing time.  I’m learning who I am in many ways and art has been an amazing tool in this journey.  
A bit about me, I grew up in a small rural town (on a farm) and moved to a bigger rural town to live in a town and be adventurous!  Fast forward one year and I met a farmer…so a rural girl I’ll remain for life as you can’t pick up a farm and go anywhere hahaha!  
We have 2 boys aged 14 and 11, our dog who’s 6 this year, way too many mouser cats, and some chickens.  Good thing with the price of eggs phew! 
Growing up my dream was forensics (thank you CSI prime time television).  Sadly the investigation is less intriguing when I know who the criminals are, oh the joys of motherhood.  
Now my days mostly consist of typical mom duties, tending to the growing dome we built, farming when it’s combine season (it’s all I’m qualified for…although they did let me try Discing this year, look out!) and creating art in there somewhere.  
Stretched canvas is a favorite but there’s something I love about bringing beauty back into the forgotten or once thought garbage items.  So here’s to hoping you’ve found something I’ve created that brings you to a place of wonder, whimsy, peace, joy or any other feeling that art can stir inside you.  
Chelsey displaying Saws

I thought it was important to offer the best quality prints I could buy using an amazing photographer to achieve the right lighting and angles. I met Tiffany when we had our second son for a newborn shoot, and we’ve been enjoying her talents ever since! We book her for all our family photos and kid’s school photos; there is no comparison!

Portraits with Presence Photography

Theresa Allen
Theresa AllenMarch 20, 2021
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Chelsey is an amazing self taught artist. Every piece she does is filled with emotion and soul that draws you in. I am proud to say I own several of her earliest pieces and enjoy looking at them every day. Each one holds a joyful memory of not only my friendship with her, but a bit of my own life and those who I miss most. There is nothing but a bright future ahead for her and more beautiful art for my private gallery collection. Don’t miss out. If it speaks to you, make it yours. 🥰
Karrah Rebalkin
Karrah RebalkinMarch 20, 2021
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I have several pieces from Chelsey and all of them are absolutely amazing. I’ve been watching Chelsey grow as an artist with awe. She is always mastering new techniques and never turns down a challenge, not that much challenges her anyway! If you commission a piece with Chelsey you will not be disappointed, her skills are impeccable. Highly recommend
Randeah Goodwin
Randeah GoodwinMarch 19, 2021
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I have a few things made by Chelsey that I see every single day! If I had more wall space I’d have been more! I asked her for 2 canvas pictures of a male and female deer that are looking back at each other for either side of our bed and she delivered! We love silhouette photos and thats exactly what we got! I see them every morning when I get up and will enjoy seeing them for a long time to come! I also requested a joke picture for my husband who we thought would never own his Chevy along with symbols for us as a family incorporated into the picture on a log for Christmas. Boy did she deliver on that one too! And of course hubby bought his Chevy 2 days later. Lol! There are so many pieces of art I would take in a heartbeat made by this wonderfully amazing woman if I had the room! Her art is absolutely gorgeous and the love she puts into it makes it just that much more amazing! If I ever have requests for pieces of art and originals I know exactly the person to call and it would always be Chelsey! You can never go wrong with a piece of her love and art in your home or anywhere you want it to be seen! ❤️
Lorie Zweifel
Lorie ZweifelMarch 19, 2021
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Chelsey Marchand is an amazing tallented artist with a very kind loving heart. I enjoyed every moment working with her and wish her so much success with her new website, My favourite piece of art is "Lover's Stroll" and "Midnight Express"
Neema Ratanprasad
Neema RatanprasadMarch 20, 2021
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I have to say I am in love with the art piece Chelsey created. It is filled with so much depth & emotion. I am really excited to see what she will be creating next !
Chantelle Bouck
Chantelle BouckMarch 22, 2021
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I received an absolutely stunning painting from Chelsey. It’s so realistic. 100% recommend!
Shawn Marchand
Shawn MarchandMay 19, 2019
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I loved the train pic. Very original artwork. Highly recommended
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