Funny this one is the last of my pieces to do a description on..and this is exactly how my brain feels! ??. More often than not this is how I feel at least once daily. It’s lessening…unless I have to do anything with electronics???. As women we have to push through this feeling and smile, be calm, and understand to everyone else’s problems while struggling with our own. We are superheroes. Don’t get me wrong men do this too, but it’s more understood if they are short or not as gentle in their responses. It’s expected of women, and we all try to deliver the best we can. So here’s to ALL my superhero’s whatever your sex/identity is, keep pushing through, beyond the explosion is a masterpiece.


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Dimensions 16 × 20 × 2 in

Original Art, High Quality Print


8 x 10", 11 x 14", 16 x 20"

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